CDR Rejected by Engineers Australia

CDR stands for competency demonstration report and this assessment report is necessary to submit to engineers Australia if you want to get highly pay job in field of engineering. If we do not follow MSA booklet, your cdr application might get reject due to specific reasons. Now a days we can see engineers Australia rejection rate is high because they check career episodes report, summary statement report and cpd report (continuing professional development) very minutely due to high expectation of quality career episodes . We all know that three projects report is required to complete three career episodes. They need depth research while writing competency demonstration report for engineers Australia.

Points To Be Remembered for CDR Rejection by Engineers Australia

  1. If it’s in other than English language
  2. If you present large amount of technical details in career episode report
  3. If career episodes report are too small or too large in length
  4. If it’s not pointing engineering knowledge
  5. If you use much calculation or images for explain your thoughts
  6. If you do not write your cdr considering yourself as first person
  7. If you did not mention what problem faced while doing project
  8. If you did not found method to overcome from problem faced
  9. If you have not completed your cdr report by numbering paragraph

How CDR Australia .Org Helps to Avoid CDR Rejection by Engineers Australia?

 We @ CDR AUSTRALIA .ORG follow complete guidelines and instructions given by latest migration skills assessment booklet released by EA. Our CDR writers Australia got team of various engineering stream engineers for writing cdr report in perfect manner.