Engineers Australia Ban

CDR stands for Competency Demonstration Report. EA is the vessel through which the candidates can showcase their skills, experience to Engineers Australia to migrate to Australia as a Skilled Migrant. This report comprises of 3 Career Episodes, Summary Statement, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Resume. Engineers who prefer CDR for the very first time will feel difficult are completing it. Most of the engineers who are applying for assessment will be working or pursuing their academics, so there will be less time to complete the report. EA wants the candidate to create the best CDR report without any errors meeting all criteria and within the deadlines or else Engineers Australia Ban will be imposed.

Why CDR Gets Rejected & 12 Month Banned Imposed by Engineers Australia?

  • The CDR report has to be composed like an article; it should not use the above images, or any diagram, graphs. These reports will be rejected quickly.
  • Engineers who are applying for CDR to EA has to read the rules clearly and should focus, use all the regular rules and abide by them.
  • Language and Grammar errors have to be avoided because EA will reject the report without appropriate writing structure, grammar and lingual errors. Don’t use any composition or grammar out of guidance.
  • All the data, the information provided has to be true, and you have to produce a proof for each data. EA will access the reputation of the data, and if the false evidence is identified, then they will reject the reports.
  • Add a reference to your job experience, which is trusted because there will be a cross verification for all the details provided.
  • Always maintain a word length of about 1000 – 2500 words. It would help if you did not use any unwanted extra word to fill up the characters.
  • CDR report should not be plagiarised. It should be written on my own, and so, the candidates should not copy the contents from samples.
  • The 3 significant sessions CPD, Career Episodes, the summary statement, has to be precise and True data. Has this denoted the experience and skills of the candidate?

CDR has to have team quality and team lead quality. So, candidates must submit the proof for the same. Problem-solving ability is the criteria for candidates.

Choose to Get it Approved Again

These are the reasons for the CDR rejection by Engineers Australia. Candidates will ban as Engineers Australia Ban and rejection for one year. They cannot create and apply for CDR assessment for one year. This Banned by EA is because candidates have to analyse the CDR report, which was rejected, and they have solved all the mistakes in that. Candidates can get knowledge and more experience to write CDR. What is the limit for reapplying formally or informally?

If the candidate has any disagreement for results of the CDR report, then they can be applied for a review in two ways like formal appeal an informal request. A legal suit has to be submitted within three months, and Engineers Australia will take around six months to review. Informal request can be submitted within three months, and it takes about eight weeks to get processed. These all the points are essential to get CDR approved by Engineers Australia.