Engineers Australia CDR format

CDR (Competency Demonstration Report) is the passing hurdle for the aspiring engineers from different parts of the world who want to live and study in Australia. The CDR report is selected by a team working in a government body called Engineers Australia (EA). The applicants always need to follow the Engineers Australia CDR format.

They also need to follow all the necessary information and guideline to get their CDR report passed by the EA team. It is required for them to seek the service of a reputed online CDR writing help provider.

Steps to Prepare a Report as Per Engineers Australia CDR Format Styles

Step 1: Provide Personal Information: Here you need to present the personal documentation. You need to enclose a passport size photo, name changer documents, prime ID, CV, IELTS exam score card.

Step 2: Application: Here you need to nominate the preferred skilled occupational category.

Step 3: Education; prepare the academic certificated, transcript or any other educational documents.

Step 4: Skilled employment: Here the applicants need to provide evidence of their previous job with well-defined career episodes report. You need to emphasise your engineering experiences in this part.

Step 5: preparation of the CPD report, Career Episodes report and the Summary Statement report.

Step 6: Submission: You need to submit all the documents mentioned above and preparations.

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Writing the employment part

In this part of the CDR report, the applicants are needed to provide all the documentary evidence of their work experiences. In case, the references are not in English; both the original as well as the translation documents are to be provided. All these translations are to be carried out by an authorised translator.

The CDR report Assessment: The applicants who have claimed an engineering employment for greater than 12 months, or have written their career episodes report of professional experience, need to provide a reference letter from the previous employer

The Relevant Skilled Employment Assessments: The applicants, who are seeking a skilled employment assessment, need to provide both the primary and the secondary documentary evidence.

The reporting: The report section of the CDR report includes the “Continuing Professional Development report”, 3 Career Episodes report and the Summary Statement report.

  • The Continuing Professional Development report or (CPD report) is the means by which you can keep updated with the latest development in your core engineering field after gaining the undergraduate qualification. All the relevant engineers Australia CPD format needs to be included in the CDR application. The CPD report needs to be provided in a list format with title, venue, duration and date. It can also include details of the formal post-graduation study, conferences where you delivered the papers, short courses, workshops, etc.
  • Seminars, technical inspections, discussion groups, professional meetings, etc.
  • Preparing and presenting the material for the courses, seminars and conferences.
  • Services to the services of engineering like volunteering work, committee or board volunteering, mentoring, etc.
  • The private study includes journals, books, manuals, etc.
  • The CPD report listing should not be more than 1 page.


Writing the Career Episodes Report in Latest Format of Engineers Australia is Simple Now

The career episode report is an account of the applicant’s engineering education and work experiences. Each of cdr career episodes report focuses upon a particular period of the distinct aspect of the engineering activities. Each episode needs to focus on how you apply for the engineering knowledge and skills in your nominated occupation. The career episode is based on the following:

  • An engineering task taken as a part of your education agree
  • Any project you have worked in or working
  • Any specific position that you had occupied or presently hold
  • A particular technical issue solved by you

Each of the three career episode needs to be written in English and your own words. This will also serve as evidence of your English wring skills along with your technical expertise. Do not give a huge amount of technical material in this part of your CDR. Each of the narratives needs to be minimum 1000 word and a maximum 2500 words in length.

Each of the career episodes needs to demonstrate very clearly the application of your engineering knowledge as will skills in your nominated occupation. Each of the career episodes needs to emphasise the engineering problems encountered by you and the problem-solving techniques adopted by you. The carer episode is to be written in 1st person and singular. It will clearly indicate your independent role in the prescribed project.

Assessment of the Competency Demonstration Report: The applicant who has experience in the engineering field for more than 12 months need to provide a reference letter from the previous or current employer, stating your designation and job responsibilities in his company.

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