CDR Writing Services in Malaysia for Engineers Australia

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is a document exemplifies the engineer’s engineering competency regards to Australian Standards. Migrants who would like to have a career in Australia should face the Engineers Australia (EA) skills assessment, an authority assessing the candidate’s skills through their CDR. Most of the candidates prefer Australia, because of the enormous salary. Here good salary of AU$86,526 for engineers is offered. This might differ according to the position and the field you are working in.

In Australia, you can apply for four different categories of engineering occupation, such as:

  • Professional Engineer
  • Engineering Technologist
  • Engineering Associate
  • Engineering Manager

These have different eligibility and qualifications. CDR report is very much important because it showcases your technical skills plus knowledge, and it is the only way that EA assesses you. So, you need to be very careful while writing the best CDR and it is your only way to get into Australia.

According to the EA guidelines, a CDR should be comprised of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), three career episodes and summary statement.

Career Episodes Report In the career episodes, you have to explain about the projects/works you have done. Each career episode should tell about a different project. You also have to mention the challenges you faced and the strategies you took to overcome them. Each career episode is word limited of about 1000-2500 words. Also, you have to give numbers like 1.1,1.2,1.3 and 2.1,2. 2.. for each paragraph in career episode. A career episode should be in an essay format and also it has to be very precise. 

Summary Statement- Followed by career episodes, you have to make a summary statement in which you have to summarize your career episode contents with 50-100words. This is the official format of a CDR.

Continuous Professional Development (CPD)-In the CPD section, you have to mention your study details, conferences/workshops you attended, seminars or presentations you presented related to your field.

CDR Requirements for Australian Immigration 

To successfully go through EA, it should be eligible. To get successful outcomes letter, you have to keep in mind some simple tips such as:

  • Go through the MSA booklet and follow the guidelines of EA
  • Be precise in the career episodes
  • Follow word limits and give numbers for career episode paragraphs
  • Write it in an Australian English format
  • Always state the information which you can prove with records
  • Avoid plagiarism and errors
  • Always make your CDR unique and up to the Australian standards
  • Focus on saying your engineering skills and competency

These are the eight tips which you have to follow for a successful result. Along with this, you should have to know the reasons for CDR rejection to avoid errors and to make positive results.

Reasons for CDR Rejection

Following are the significant reasons which might lead to rejection of your CDR by EA.

  • A CDR should be 100% original and plagiarism free. Any type of plagiarism may lead to dismissal and sometimes banishment too.
  • Not following the prescribed word limits (1000-2500words) for a career episode may often lead to rejection.
  • Career episode should precisely focus on your achievements & competency and not your team/companies.
  • Lack of technical and innovative content.
  • Not clearly stating the project and the company details is also a black mark.
  • A CDR without meeting the Australian standards will be rejected too.
  • No connection between summary statement & career episodes is a significant error.
  • Grammatical errors are also a significant concern.
  • Career episodes should be written in paragraphs and using bullet points may lead to rejection.

Despite the above, if you do not follow the guidelines mentioned in the MSA booklet, your CDR will be rejected for sure. One needs to be aware of all the errors to avoid them successfully.

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