How to Write Career Episodes for Engineers Australia

CDR – Competency demonstration report is technical report in which engineers have to make a report for themselves to competent. Engineers Australia is responsible to assess all skilled migrant who want to settle or work over here. If you want to get Australian visa then you should write career episodes. Team of engineers (cdr writers) can provide you the best episodes which comes under cdr for migration skills assessment.

There are three parts of career episodes

» CE 1 (Career episodes 1)

» CE2 (Career Episodes 2)

» CE3 Career Episode 3 )

How to prepare quality career episodes so that it would be approved by Engineers Australia

 1 ) Personal Information

   Prepare your personal documentation:- A passport style photo, prime id, name change document,   cv/resume an English language test result

2 )  Application :- Nominate your preferred occupation

 3 )  Education : –prepare academic certificates, transcripts and any other relevant academic document

 4 )  Skilled employment : evidence of employment, must be provided by applicants whose career episodes are based on engineering experience a d /.or for relevant skilled employment services

 5 ) Report :prepare cpd statement , career episodes and summary statement

 6 )  Submit : once all of the above are prepared , you are now ready to log into engineers Australia lodge a cdr application

You may base your career episode upon:

An engineering task undertaken as part of your educational program;

  1. A project you have worked on or are currently working on;
  2. A specific position that you occupied or currently occupy (in this case, the career episode must comprise more than a mere duty statement);
  3. A particular engineering problem that you were required to solve.

Each episode should be written by you in order to assess yourself in English language.


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