How to Make CDR for Engineers Australia?


Before getting to the topic of how to make CDR for Engineers Australia, let’s have a brief look at what is CDR and its role in the career life of an engineering graduate. The full form for the abbreviation CDR report is Competency Demonstration Report. It is drafted by attaching the certificates and documents which are presented as proofs for the skills, abilities, achievements and talents of the engineering graduate. This CDR Australia report is usually drafted by the engineers who are willing to acquire a skilled migration visa and settle as engineers at Australia. The CDR Australia report should be submitted to Engineers Australia. This organization is commonly known as EA, and its headquarters is located in Australia. The officials of the EA organization play a prominent role in recruiting the applicants and approving their skilled migration visa at Australia. This process of assessing the applicant’s competencies and talents is entirely by the CDR report submitted by them.

However, when it comes to drafting a CDR report most of us are confused about the rules and regulations to be followed in developing it. No more worries folks. In this article, let’s discuss the answer for the most common question of how to make CDR for Engineers Australia?


The primary motive of writing a CDR Report is to pass through stages of recruitment and assessment of EA.

How to Make CDR for Engineers Australia, A Useful CDR Report Consists of Three Parts:

  1. Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  2. Three Career Episodes (CE)
  3. Summary Statement

Continuing Professional Development (CPD):

  • The primary purpose of this part is to aid the officials of EA in recognizing the candidate’s abilities to continue the developments in the field or designation associated with the job.
  • The role of CPD will aid the officials in understanding the candidate’s experiences, skills, abilities, exposure, achievements, etc. of the field or department that he/she has to work.
  • The CPD part should be written in the form of the list.
  • It should include details such as the title of the training undertaken by the candidate, project, internships, etc. and it’s the venue, period, certification, etc.

Three Career Episodes (CE):

  • The primary purpose of this part is to showcase and throw the spotlight on the competencies and skills of the candidate.
  • The career episodes part includes events, situation, places, etc. where the candidate has applied his/her abilities and have given positive results or outcomes.
  • This should be written with a detailed explanation of both events, the skills used and productivity of solution.
  • It should consist of three episodes, and each should be of various situations. Each chapter should consist of three subheadings under it.

Summary Statement:

  • This part should consist of a neat summary of the three career episodes.
  • It should include a useful and well-crafted summary of the three career episodes that are lengthy.
  • Thus, it will aid the candidate in highlighting his/her main skills and talents.
  • The summary statement part in a CDR Australia report will effectively validate the qualifications and expertise of the candidate.

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