CDR For Telecommunications Network Planner

A competency demonstration report is popularly known as CDR, which is a technical report. It is significant for those who want to settle in Australia to work there as engineers in their respective fields.  Telecommunications network planners who want to migrate to Australia need to display their engineering competencies, knowledge, and experience in the nominated occupation to Engineer Australia (EA). EA is an authoritative body that evaluates the competency reports of applicants to select the best eligible candidates for Australian immigration.

A CDR is a key to migrating to Australia. The primary purpose of writing a CDR For Telecommunications Network Planner is to get engineering job opportunities in Australia. To write a successful competency demonstration report, the applicants need to follow the guidelines and procedures published by EA via the MSA booklet. To demonstrate engineering qualification and work experiences they need to provide a CPD Report, three career episodes report, and a summary statement. You need to prepare other required documentation as well to meet the eligibility criteria.

CDR Writing Help For Telecommunications Network Planner (313213)?

It is not everyone’s cup of tea to write an EA-acceptable competency report as the assessor EA strictly assesses the competency report of applicants. Many candidates do not stick to the guidelines a procedure while writing their CDR, so the chance of their rejection increases. So, to avoid candidates’ rejection by EA.

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Telecommunications network planners who struggle to write their competency demonstration report can avail of CDR writing help to get their assessment done expertly. You all can hire a CDR report writers to get assistance and guidance on framing your career episodes, CPD statement, and summary statement. With the assistance of Engineers Australia CDR Help, you can have a plagiarism-free and flawless document adhering to all the guidelines. CDR help services support applicants in getting EA’s approval on their very first attempt.

How To Write CDR For Telecommunications Network Planner ?

Most importantly, before you start writing your competency report, you read thoroughly the latest MSA booklet to be well acquainted with it. First, you need to nominate your preferred occupational category such as professional engineer, engineering technologist, engineering associate, and engineering manager. First, you need to provide all your relevant CPD, then career episodes, and in the end a summary statement.

  • You must write your document in your own words by complying with Australian Standard English.
  • Do not copy others’ information; only use them for reference purposes.
  • Make sure that your report is 100% plagiarism-free and impeccable.
  • Prepare your personal documentation: a recent passport-style photograph, Prim ID, CV/ resume, and English language test result.
  • Prepare academic certificates, official transcripts, and other relevant academic documentation.
  • If you write your career episode based on your work experience, must provide documentary evidence of employment.
  • You need to write your CPD in a tabular form including title, date, duration, location, and organizer.

Writing Three Career Episodes

Career episodes (CEs) describe your engineering education and work experiences. They are the key assessable part of your report.

  • Your career episodes should be in essay form and must not be formatted into a table.
  • Each career episode should comprise four sections: Introduction, background, personal engineering activity, and a summary.
  • You need to choose the appropriate projects to write your career episodes such as a project that you have worked on or are currently working on or an engineering task that you have undertaken as a part of your education program.
  • Each career episode should exhibit your distinct aspect of engineering activity.
  • You should write CE1: Knowledge and skill base, CE2: Engineering application ability, and CE3: Personal and professional attributes.
  • In the end, you need to provide a summary statement that should highlight your competency elements in the nominated occupation.

Samples CDR For Telecommunications Network Planner

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Telecommunications Network Planner Job Description in Australia

The primary job duty of a telecommunications network planner is to configure and integrate network and telecommunications technology with computer software, hardware, databases, and operating systems. Some of the important job descriptions for a Telecommunications Network Planner are mentioned below:

  • Installs, maintains, diagnose, and repairs malfunctions of microwave, satellite, and other radio and electromagnetic wave communications systems
  • Creates and records logs of details, locations, and status of inventories, equipment, and instruments
  • Provides technical information and advice and monitors the performance of telecommunications network and the related instruments
  • Plans the development of customer access telecommunications network infrastructure
  • Maintains the documentation of communication policies, guidelines, procedures, and regulations and quality standards
  • Communicates and interconnects with vendors, service providers, suppliers, and external resources and monitors contractual obligations and performance delivery

313213:Telecommunications Network Planner Salary Australia

Australia is a hub of engineers; it attracts most of the engineers compared to other countries. Engineers get better job opportunities and future career growth there. There is a high demand for telecommunications network planners in Australia. They get an average salary of $100000 per year. Primarily they get a salary on the basis of their skills and experience. The more the experience, the more the salary will be. So, if you are skilled and experienced as a Telecommunication Network Planner, you can get handsome salary in Australia.

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