Engineers Australia Negative Assessment

Assessment of CDR by Engineers Australia (EA) is crucial for any aspiring engineer to work in Australia. If there is a negative assessment of the CDR. it ends the dreams of engineers around the world for an engineering career in Australia. Hence negative evaluations are a nightmare for thousands of engineers who want to have a prospering and promising engineer career in Australia.

What are the reasons for the negative assessment of EA?

There are numerous reasons for Engineers Australia negative assessment. Since Engineers Australia is the governing body appointed by the Australian Government, their negative assessment is final and cannot be reversed.  Hence all care should be taken to write the right CDR as per the MSA specifications to avoid negative evaluation.

10 Reasons for Negative Assessment

  • The competency reports should be written by the aspiring engineer with their own experiences to prove their skill. If it is copied or taken from some other stories, it is one of the common and most essential reasons for the negative assessment.  It will be easily found out by the EA with their advanced plagiarism tools and their experience.
  • The required English competency has to be completed and provision for checking of the same by EA with the concerned institutes arranged. If the cross-checking of the certification is not fruitful, there will be a negative assessment. Hence engineers have to complete their English competency with reputed institutes for avoiding negative assessment.
  • For all job categories in Australia, there are specific ANZSCO codes, and each has its definitions and specifications. The skill of the aspiring engineer should fulfil its requirements, or there will be a negative assessment.
  • If the new changes in the MSA which are done all the time are not adhered to by the aspiring engineer and done with the old specifications, there will be negative assessment.
  • The aspiring engineer should adequately provide personal information and the passport and other requirements. Any lack of competency in filling the CV will end in the negative assessment.
  • The continuous proficiency report should be to portray the continuance experience of the engineer in the relevant field of expertise.
  • Each of the three career episode reports should relate to a particular period of engineering experience or a specific task of engineering. Negative assessment is more if individual skills are not appropriately portrayed.
  • Apart from the content, the career episode reports should be numbered appropriately as 1.1,2.1,3.1 and so on and also should be within specifications regarding the format, words, and others. Hence if these are not proper, it may have a negative assessment.
  • A summary report is a referral to the full story. Hence it should be crystal clear in showcasing where is what without any hiccups.  If it leads to any such confusion, there could be a negative assessment.
  • Enough evidence to prove the skills portrayed in the career episode reports is required for avoiding negative assessment.

All the above 10 and many more could lead to an Engineers Australia negative assessment of competency reports.  Hence all the care in the world is necessary for successful approvals of CDRs by EA.