What Happens If CDR Gets Rejected?

CDR rejection is common, and there is no need to panic. Even engineers with years of experience and accomplishment failed in CDR assessment. What happens if CDR gets rejected? The rejection doesn’t mean that the candidates don’t have the capability and qualification. Its because of not following EA guidelines for writing a CDR. Hence, one needs to know the reasons for his CDR rejection.

 There are many reasons for CDR rejection and the most common mistakes are:

  • In the career episodes, one needs to mention about their engineering works/projects engagingly with knowing what EA expects and asks for. If it is more technical filled with diagrams and tables, it makes the assessment process difficult and thus may lead to rejection.
  • Career episodes should be written in essay form and using bullet points may also be a minus for the candidate.
  • Stick to the word limit of 1000 to 2500 words for each career episode. However, within that limit, try to include all the contents that EA asks for. You can get to know about it by going through ANZSCO code descriptions and EA guidelines. Reviewing with an expert will help to avoid such errors.
  • Plagiarism is the most important thing that leads to rejection. So one needs to keep this in mind and prevent the repetition of someone’s ideas. Also, repetition of works in different career episode is a flaw, which is a disadvantage.
  • Try to mention your actions and efforts, even while talking about group projects. It is your CDR, and your efforts are necessary to highlight you.
  • Recheck for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes and fluency of English. Because some things are not able to understand for EA because of these errors and it should be avoided.
  • You need to mention the methods and steps that you took to solve the problems or fascinatingly finishing a project to prevent rejection.

What You Are Required to Do After Rejecting CDR?

By now, you will get a question what happens if CDR gets rejected? One needs to consider all these points to avoid mistakes and rejection. However, can you reapply for CDR assessment? As an outcome, one can follow the review process mentioned in the MSA booklet. Also, you can contact EA regarding your case through mail/call, and they will respond. However, sometimes, it will take some time for them to reply, and one needs to be patient. Until EA replied that you are banned, you are free to apply anytime again for CDR assessment.

However, it would be best if you thought about the efforts you put into writing this assessment and the money you spent on assessment and the time you spent on this CDR. So, it is wise to check a report thoroughly before sending it for evaluation. There are a lot of helpers available, and you can check your report with the help of such experts. Alternatively, else, you can check for plagiarism, grammatical errors and sentence flow by yourself, and there are lots of sources available to correct them. So, be cautious about your efforts and avoid rejection to get your migration visa.