How to Write a Summary Statement for the CDR Report?

Competency demonstration report is a technical document that is required by the Engineers Australia (EA) for Australian immigration as it has established some pre-requisites to recruit aspirant engineers. They used to appraise all immigration visa applications by their CDR Report. The report should include three sections namely, continuing professional development list, three career episodes, and summary statement. These details are utilized for exhibiting the competencies and abilities of applicant engineers, and it has been mandated by EA, which is the assessing body.

Understand the Summary Statement Structure Better:

The summary statement is of great importance, so you need to know how to write the summary statement of a CDR report before writing your story. It should be one page long and summarize your three career episodes and precisely align all the events with proficiency elements that you wanted to demonstrate to EA. To make it easy, you should carefully draft your career episodes and diligently number it by reading how to write summary statement for CDR. Put succinctly, your summary statement is a quick window to demonstrate your career episodes briefly, and it will entice assessors on the go. Also, it should come with precise mapping, with the particular paragraphs of your three C’s. To know the nook and corner about how to write summary statement for CDR, you should refer CDR sample perceive the essential elements of your CDR report. Your summary statement should be based on the job category that you have selected to apply for.

You can go for CDR samples of your chosen category, and it will help you comprehend the layout of the report and EA guidelines better. Also, you should support your knowledge and proficiency on the same by referring to the MSA booklet comprehensively. These CDR Samples Australia will help you have an in-depth understanding of the natural and physical sciences and the basic engineering principles applicable to your engineering discipline. The summary statement is the amalgamation of the competency indicators which are highlighted in your career episodes. Before writing your summary statement, you should make sure that you have numbered the sections in your career episodes and specified the number of passages in the summary statement. By doing so, the assessors can quickly check the important parts without reading the entire report.

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